Pearl Ball

20.70 €


The "YBR® Anywhere" ball, great for all office and travel routines. The pearl ball has the same consistency as the gold ball (was yellow) but is smaller, so it sinks more deeply into your tissues for a more intense experience. It's also good for getting into small or tight areas like the neck, armpit, or between the breasts.

This ball is the same consistency as the gold only a little smaller. This ball is recommended to replace the gold ball if you are a tiny person. This means 5 feet tall or less. This ball can also be used in the abdomen for more detail and for the chest for large breasted women who find the gold ball too large. It is also used in the neck for people who are extremely tight and find the gold ball does not fit.

This ball was originally called "the office ball" or "the travel ball" because you could use it for back support in a chair or in an airplane or train seat. You can also use this ball with the YBR® Anywhere routines that can be done in your office or anywhere.

* This ball comes deflated and does not include a pump.
* If you are a good standing practitioner, please contact with our customer service: