Are You Body Logical?

The order of the anatomy is exquisite. With each person who has come to Yamuna – and there have been thousands – Yamuna has gained more understanding of what the body needs to correct itself. And how, and where, appropriately skilled hands and a gentle heart can help.

It is through this understanding of the body’s anatomy that Yamuna is able to use her hands to assure that your skeletal structure is aligned. Yamuna takes care, however, to ensure that the muscles are also elongated and toned and that your range of movement is unrestricted.

Client after client, after receiving this unique, one-on-one therapeutic session has said, “This is so logical. Why hasn’t anyone ever taught me this before?”

She named her work Yamuna® Body Logic because that’s what it is.

In only one Yamuna® Body Logic session, we can begin to “reeducate” your muscles to move more effortlessly, painlessly and logically.

Yamuna® Body Logic creates space between muscle and bone, allowing the body’s perfect circuitry to fire in logical and correct order. This, in turn, allows the body as a whole to perform optimally.

This therapy is a must for anyone with structural challenges who has not been able to find relief elsewhere.


This is Yamuna’s Master work, which all other works are derived from.

Yamuna® Body Logic is an exceptional activity that assesses any structural issue and actually heals it.

From a session of YBL®, a practitioner will know exactly what YBR® routines to recommend for self healing. YBL® is a very detailed and highly organized hands-on therapy that is recommended for anyone wanting to begin YBR®. Through one session a practitioner works the entire body working every joint in every range of motion looking for restrictions and possible causes for the specific problem. The entire body is worked in most cases to see how the body has compensated and what all the parts are actually doing to contribute to the pain or problem pattern. The quality of bone, muscle, other soft tissue and alignment are focused on throughout the sessions.

Three sessions are usually recommended to fully assess and begin corrections so the client knows that healing and mending is possible. Once a client is stabilized the necessary YBR® routines are taught. The goal is always to make each client independent.