Want to Save Face?

Yamuna knows that the consumer has been led by the beauty industry at large to believe that the biggest threats to looking our best are the sun, pollution and aging.

In fact, repetitive stress patterns are proven to break down every part of our bodies. Squinting, clenching, furrowing and grinding cause far more damage to our face structure and skin than the offenders most-often marketed.

Yamuna® Face Saver offers a proactive solution to the effects of repetitive stress and sustained tension by stimulating and aligning bone, activating muscle, increasing circulation and tone, and reversing the effects of gravity. Yamuna gives us a new, logical, effective way to approach facial care.

Yamuna® Face Saver is crucial to women and men at all ages – 20, 30, 40 and beyond.

As bone shrinks with age, skin sags around it. Also, as gravity takes hold, our heads and neck naturally begin to fall forward. This work lifts bone and muscle so that the skin can once again be supported. Finally, repetitive stresses–various expressions, squinting, jaw clenching, etc.–cause lines and wrinkles to a far greater extent than other offenders.

In a Yamuna® Face Saver session, (whether performed with a certified practitioner or at home, by yourself) a small face ball and a larger neck ball are gently worked on your skin against gravity to actually lift your facial muscles back where they are supposed to be.

At the end of one full session, your skin is brighter; your face appears fuller because the bones are activated and your skin is plump due to increased circulation. Results are seen immediately. Benefits are cumulative.