A Strong Foundation

I developed this work over 15 years. I kept reworking it until I felt the results were as good as I could get them. I learned over the years how little education is actually available to people to help them take care of their feet! The marketing of all sorts of products promise to help with all kinds of foot problems, yet none of them educate the consumer. I learned that with the RIGHT EDUCATION AND INFORMATION people can actually fix their own feet and keep them working at every age.

The idea that we lock our feet up all day and then do nothing for them once we are out of shoes is crazy! We stretch and work out the rest of the body and yet the feet, are left out of most fitness programs. There is something radically wrong with this picture. The feet actually need very little attention to stay in good working order. Once you begin working on your feet, you will see your legs, hips and back improve also. After you know how to practice Yamuna® Foot Fitness, you can find which routines work best for you and do as little as 5 minutes a day to keep your feet happy.

WEAR WHATEVER SHOE YOU WANT I am often asked which shoes do I recommend. I usually answer that you must not buy into any one shoe manufacturer’s philosophy. You have to mix up the types of shoes you wear so that your feet and leg muscles do not get stuck in any one position. I believe your shoe you wear most often should allow your foot to be able to move and actually walk using all it’s parts as much as possible. I also believe women should be able to wear stilettos at every age as long as they practice 5 minutes of YFF® before or after wearing them. It is such a shame how many women are forced to give up wearing the shoes they love. Why weren’t they told that if they do not take care of their feet today, they will reach an age where their feet hurt and they are stuck wearing old lady shoes! There should be YFF® lessons offered wherever they sell fabulous sexy shoes. Why shouldn’t a great shoe designer promote the health of women’s feet so they can keep wearing his shoes?


Children, you can begin training your child from about 4 years old to use his feet correctly. Bad habits begin young. Most parents think their children’s feet are OK unless there is an obvious problem. It is easy for children and their feet do not hurt yet so they can do all the routines and they find them to be fun!

If your child has a specific problem we highly recommend that you see one of our certified YFF® therapists to assess the problem and give you the detailed work that needs to be done. Children’s bones are growing and they are still soft and moldable so change is much easier the earlier you begin.

Just because there are flat feet in your family, do not think your child has to have flat feet. You can absolutely change genetic structural problems around and rebuild your child’s feet to have strength, full function, and arches.

Athletes must do YFF® if they want to improve performance and prevent breakdown. To train with your feet always locked up in shoes cuts off the full function of the muscles of the legs. Most injuries to the ankles, knees and hips are due to a lack of correct alignment of these joints to the feet. Also, the muscle chains of the legs end in the feet and the ends of the muscles are not being used which cuts down on the complete function of the muscle. Most injured athletes when they take off their shoes have no muscle tone in their feet and yet they are quite buffed above. Something is wrong with this training!

Dancers understand the importance of YFF® more easily than most people because they need to have their feet strong, aligned and flexible to perform and to not get injured. Many dancers find YFF® and YBR® once they have been injured. We would love to see this work in all dance schools and dance companies worldwide. This would avoid so many unnecessary injuries and keep dancers dancing longer.

YOGA students need to develop strong and well aligned feet, ankles, knees and legs in order to avoid injuries in standing asanas. There are so many injuries today in the various forms of Hatha Yoga practiced. We have developed a Yoga Foundations DVD that is just for helping yogis to align and work their feet properly for mastery of the standing Asanas.

Fitness is the category that needs YFF® the most. There are so many people with gym memberships that wind up injuring themselves through one form of cardio-vascular work or another. Repetitive stress to the feet, ankles, knees and hips causes so many unnecessary injuries annually. Without keeping the alignment correct while doing any cardio you will get injured! YFF® should be in every gym worldwide and be mandatory so that members can be successful and not get injured. Having 15 minute classes throughout the day would be a powerful message from a gym to their members.

PILATES & GYROTONICS AND OTHER MIND/BODY FITNESS PROGRAMS Pilates and Gyrotonic instructors recommend YFF to their clients because they are working with alignment and precision. They recognize the importance of including the feet in every session. Our certified YFF® and YBR® practitioners who are also certified in Pilates or Gyrotonics almost always include YFF at the start of every session.

EVERYONE ELSE: we realize how many people contact us annually with foot problems. It is epidemic and foot pain is occurring more and more at every age. We are on a mission to get the YFF work out to as many people as possible. We have so many success stories from people who have suffered from plantar fasciatus, Morton’s Neuromas, hammer toes, and bunions! We have found that when you explain to someone who is having foot pain why he/she has it and show them anatomically why there is pain it is easy to understand. Once a person understands the why of the problem it is easy to explain what needs to be done to correct it. Once someone is out of pain, he is motivated to keep working on it and be mindful of how he uses his feet from this point on.Angry and heartsick over the number of clients whose feet were "broken" or causing other major dysfunction, Yamuna turned her attention to the very foundation of our bodies: The Feet.

Why was no one telling the public to take care of the most stressed and challenged part of the body? Why are doctors more than willing to prescribe orthotics without also giving the patient the information on how to correct the condition? No one was offering simple, proactive solutions to the problems that were causing people to be in constant pain.

Yamuna understood that simply giving people exercises to do would not result in positive or permanent change. She created the education and tools that anyone, at any age, can use and continue to use throughout their lives.

Taking care of your feet is the ultimate anti-aging supplement.

Everyone has to take care of his/her feet. Yamuna developed quick, concise basics that can be used at any age to improve foot health.

Yamuna® Foot Basics begins with the walking test. This simple test allows you to self-assess your ability to walk using each part of the foot. Then, a class takes you into working the outside edge, the middle, and the inner edge of your foot. Once you have learned how to work all three lines in your feet, a second walking test helps you see how quickly you can correct your stance – and your posture. You literally stand taller when the muscles of your feet are actually supporting you.

Yamuna® Foot Wakers were developed to increase flexibility, bring back movement and separation of the bones of the foot, improve muscle tone, and increase circulation and to “get your shoes out of your feet .” They wake the feet up and get them moving the way they should.

Yamuna® Foot Savers stimulate bone, remove the effects of continual impact on the bones of the foot, and stimulate the reflexology points of the feet (which also stimulates organ function). Foot Savers work more specifically within the different areas of the foot than Foot Wakers to align bone. (Years of wearing tight shoes cause the bones to squeeze together. Yamuna® Foot Savers help you straighten each bone out and return it to its natural position.)