Pregnancy & Yamuna

During your pregnancy your body goes through gradual changes throughout the nine months. To know how to keep your body strong, well aligned, elongated and flexible at each stage will assure that you breeze through your pregnancy maintaining grace, good posture and minimum discomfort.

Yamuna® Body Rolling offers a way to maintain your body it its most optimal alignment and length throughout the 9 months. It is both a relaxing and toning experience that can put you into a meditative space allowing you to focus on your growing baby and the messages and changes occurring in your body.

YBRreg; works to keep the natural order and logic of your structure intact so that you do not fall into any negative postural patterns that can cause you unnecessary discomfort as the baby grows. YBR® will align, tone, and bring length through your entire torso making more space for your baby’s growth and your internal organs well being.

Women do not read about this concept or is it available in most pregnancy classes. The more you work to maintain a long, strong and flexible torso, the less pressure you place into your lower back and hips, the more space your baby has to grow and receive maximum oxygen and nutrients from you, and your internal organs will have the healthy space to keep functioning and nourishing you and the baby.

When there is downward compression from your upper body this places unnecessary pressure into your pelvis, lower back and legs which can result in fluid retention in the legs, varicose veins, pressure on the bladder, and discomfort in the lower back and sciatica.

The reason for breech deliveries is usually due to a lack of space between the ribcage and the pelvis. The baby has no space to turn for the head to be downward for delivery. The baby’s head weighs more than any other part and by nature of gravity it should naturally be the first part to engage for a healthy delivery.

If more women had this basic logical information they would be able to assure their pregnancies and deliveries went as smoothly as possible.

At Yamuna® we have created education and classes to help women take charge of their bodies well-being throughout the 9 months and postpartum. The Yamuna® Pregnancy DVD takes you through an easy to do and very effective class to keep your legs free and flexible, to maintain range of motion and alignment of your hips, to free and align your back and sideline of the body upward keeping you uplifted and light throughout the 9 months.

Private and group classes can be made available at Yamuna® Flagship Studio or with any certified YBR® instructors worldwide.


Let’s face the facts, you go through 9 months of pregnancy. Your body’s shape changes and adjusts to accommodate your growing baby. The day you have been waiting for arrives; your delivery date. After hours of labor, your pelvic bones actually separate to allow the baby to be delivered or you have a c-section. Do you think your body actually remembers where all its parts were before this whole process began?

You want to get your body back in shape as soon as possible. You think you have to get back to the gym or your favorite yoga class or to a trainer. You want your body back the way it was before your pregnancy. You need to know that you will never have the same body as before your pregnancy. With all the physiological and structural changes that you have been through this is impossible. You need to rebuild your body based on your experiences. You have the ability to reshape your body with the wisdom that you have gained through experiencing all the changes that you have felt occur during your pregnancy and delivery.

Though a pregnancy is a naturally occurring process, it is not everyday that your body experiences the trauma of a delivery. It is unnatural for your pelvis to go through the process of delivery. Because of this you need to understand that before you go back to your old fitness practices you need to first bring your body parts back to balance. This means that you need help to determine what your body needs to restore balance and alignment so you do not injure yourself applying old practices to your new structure.

These are the things you need to do to make sure your body is in balance:

1. Your pelvic alignment needs to be assessed and re-aligned. You need help to do this and a YBR® instructor can help you determine your alignment and what you can do to improve it. There are various routines that can be given to you to do at home. No two women’s experiences are quite the same. A certified YBR® instructor can give you routines specifically designed for you.

2. You need all the leg muscles that attach to the pelvis to be brought back into balance. After hours of pushing certain muscles are overused and stressed. A careful assessment of the hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors and deep lateral rotators can allow an instructor to choose the right leg routines for you.

3. Your abdominal muscles are not working at all at first. They need to be slowly toned and retrained to support your internal organs and the lower back. If you have had a c-section you will need 3 months before you can safely begin to reconnect the abdominal muscle memory, break up the possible internal scar tissue, and begin working them to be long, strong and supported once again.

4. All of your internal organs get pushed down during delivery. Your contractions do not distinguish between pushing the baby out and pushing your intestines and bladder down. Your intestines and bladder do not remember how to find their way back to where they once were positioned. With YBR® an instructor can help you choose routines that will help you to lift your internal organs back up. This will take pressure off your lower back and hips. Lifting the bladder as soon as possible helps to retrain it back to its correct position. This can avoid unnecessary bladder lifts later on in life. There are way too many surgeries to lift the bladder. This often occurs because no one talks to women about these things until it is too late.

5. The upper body needs to be aligned and lifted. If you are nursing it is important to build your upper body and keep your shoulders and chest weight from dropping downward.

6. Your back and spine needs to be lifted and realigned so you have no discomfort in your lower back or neck and shoulders. As your baby grows and you are constantly lifting and carrying it, you need a strong and toned back. All of this can be accomplished through Yamuna® Body Rolling.

We recommend that you start with private classes with a certified YBR® instructor. Once you feel comfortable and safe doing the routines prescribed for you, you will be able to continue on your own or come to regular YBR® classes.