YBR®-Pilates Integration

Combining Yamuna® and Pilates is one of the best ways to get the intended results from the Pilates method. Both methods are dedicated to working slowly and methodically to help you build a strong, toned, well -aligned body. At the core of Pilates is the concept of how to connect the abdominal muscles to the spine creating core stabilization to be able to move safely and correctly out from. Yamuna Body rolling can quickly help you to achieve this correctly.

What Yamuna® Body Rolling combined with Pilates can do for you:

-Because all of the Yamuna® work is based on aligning and reorganizing the structure so that it will function optimally it makes sense to want to combine it with Pilates. It will enhance your results.

-Yamuna® combined with Pilates will improve your ability to perform the Pilates mat class and avoid common areas of over use.

-By combining the Yamuna® abdominal and spine work to a Pilates mat class many of the core principles of Pilates become easier and more effectively felt in your body.

-Using the Yamuna® ball as support during a Pilates mat class can help you to work through restricted areas that have kept you from successfully performing the exercises before.

-Become successful at performing each of the classic mat exercises and feel the desired results from each exercise without injury.