Yoga: The Roots of Yamuna®

Her roots are deep in yoga practice, and this knowledge infuses all of the Yamuna disciplines. Through Yamuna® Yoga you can master asanas while preventing injury – go deeper, hold longer, radiate grace and power. Who would think a little ball could help achieve all this? Yamuna – and you.

Increase the stretch, hold it longer, remove obstacles and restrictions from your body while you breathe into the pose, all aided by the use of the Yamuna® Ball. Yamuna can help you advance in your yoga practice, just sign up for a class and see for yourself.

Yamuna Zake has over 30 years of experience as a yoga practitioner and teacher. Her light touch and easy manner guide you to strength and fitness with a unique addition to the yoga asanas – a small inflatable ball. Realign your spine and joints, relieve pain and muscle tension and experience a unique workout.